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Corporate Identity Announcement

Welcome to our new Corporate Identity

We are excited to share the launch of our new Corporate Identity with you as part of the ongoing evolution of our
company’s brand.

We’ve been on a long and interesting journey to get where we are today, and innovation always drives us as we keep exploring and finding new paths for you to succeed in your pickup truck market.

While this may seem like a major change to our identity, our core beliefs remain the same. We know only the best will do for our customers, and we respect that. That’s why quality is at the heart of everything we do: It’s our foundation – and what differentiates us from other suppliers.

Our new identity is designed to strengthen and unify our communication as we continue to expand our business around the world, creating a strong, consistent global brand across all platforms, languages and regions.

It’s an identity that signals credibility and quality and which ensures that consumers and customers alike recognise
what the Mountain Top brand stands for.

The thoughts behind our new logo

Mountain Top corporate logo

We’re excited to show you our new logo that reinforces our high-quality positioning. The new logo reflects a more contemporary design and is a statement of who we are today – and in the future. With the steep mountain, the logo signals our positioning as an Experienced Pioneer while showing customers that our products are made for extremes.

State-of-the-art interactive 3D Showcase

The 3D Showcase gives a much higher level of detail, including interactive changes of angle, perspectives, zooms in and out, 360 views, changing colours, and a choice of pickup brands. It offers so much more in terms of involvement and time-on-page than static pictures.

Try our 3D showcase