mountain top
sports bar

Seriously styled for action

mountain top
Sports Bar

Raising the bar for style

maximize your off-road appearance

Looking to customize your pickup truck? The Mountain Top Sports Bar maximizes the sporty off-road appearance of your ride. 

Built to first-class OEM standards with built-in brake lights, an invisible weld line is the sign of its premium quality styling. Personalize it with your own custom look – with either a black powder coated surface or a hand-polished stainless steel finish.

No drilling needed

The Sports Bar is a complementary product to the Mountain Top Roll Cover, designed to be mounted on the side-tracks of the roll cover with no drilling needed. The Sports Bar installation does not require removal of the Mountain Top Roll Cover.

the ultimate in pickup accessories
when it comes to expressing your own custom look

Mountain Top IATF 16949 certification

Meets stringent OEM standards

The Sports Bar is sold as original equipment for several pickup brands in Europe and meets the high standards set by the automotive industry

Mountain Top Sports Bar Stainless Steel

Non-drill installation

The Sports Bar is easy to install and does not require removal of the Mountain Top Roll. Simply mount it in the fitting channels.

Mountain Top high safety level with integrated 3rd brak light

Higher safety level

Expressive integrated 3rd brake light (model specific).

Mountain Top Pickup Truck accessories trusted by global car manufacturers - Roll Cover and Sports Bar for VW

Exclusively designed

Designed and engineered specially to go with the Mountain Top Roll Cover. The two products complement each other well and enhance the appearance of the pickup.

Mountain Top Retractable Roll Cover No 1 globally

Not only for Mountain Top Roll Cover

For some pickup brands, the Sports Bar can be installed directly on the vehicle bed without a Mountain Top Roll Cover.

Mountain Top Sports Bar adds sporty off-road apperance to your pickup truck

Customize your look

Available in black powder coated finish or hand-polished stainless steel to perfectly match the black or Aluminium Roll Cover.

Mountain Top pickup truck accessories enginered for the outback

Original 4x4 appearance

Rugged, sporty, robust 4×4 look with high quality materials.

Try our interactive 3d configurator

Configure your pickup truck with Mountain Top accessories and zoom, open tailgate and products and get a great 360 view

Compatible Sports Bar products

The Mountain Top Sports Bar has a stylish look that give your pickup truck a great look.

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